Sonia Tagari is an artist, designer, and current candidate for a graduate degree in Design for Health (MDes DHEA) at OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario. In April of 2016, she received a dual-degree from the University of Michigan in Art & Design (BFA, cum laude) and in Neuroscience (BS, with distinction) with an additional minor in the Program in the Environment. It was exhausting, but she is proud of the achievement.

Sonia was born in Montreal, raised in Southern California, and is now based in Toronto and Los Angeles. She is interested in lithography printmaking, illustration, the human body, and spicy food. She loves punk rock, the ocean, jasmine tea, and all things sweet.

Find her at the local music venue or book store, probably wearing all black.

email: soniatagari@gmail.com
email: stagari@umich.edu